Ebola Awareness Campaign



While the Government of the Republic of Ghana and its Health Ministry are working relentlessly to ensure there is no outbreak or a 100% percent containment of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease in this country should the unfortunate event occur, the Nzema Youth Association as a civil society group has also begun intensive effort to join the good campaign by our Health ministry and other health agencies to help sensitize the entire citizens of Ghana which includes our very selves, members of the Nzema Youth Association and Nzema as a whole.

We as a civil society group believe strongly that if we all come on board this campaign of sensitization to educate as many Ghanaians as possible our fight against preventing outbreak of the deadly Ebola disease would be successful especially if we all obey the preventive measures that would be provided by officials of the Ghana Health Ministry to some of our Trained officials who will be on the lead of this campaign in our region.

What is the Ebola Awareness Campaign About?

This campaign is a week-long awareness campaign aimed at educating people of the three Nzema districts on the Ebola Viral Disease( EVD) . This programme also seeks to sensitize Ghanaians especially Nzemas who live in and carry out their businesses in Ivory Coast which is much closer to our sister countries who are suffering from this deadly virus the preventive measures and the need to join in national efforts to prevent the disease from entering our shores.

The week-long awareness campaign would be characterised by intense distribution of Ebola educational materials in all the three districts of our regions.

The team will engage with traditional leaders, and organize community durbar, interact with organized groups such as churches, youth clubs and schools and educate them about the disease and its preventive measures.

There will also be radio talks on facts and prevention of the disease in a form of adverts as part of the educational drive.

Why is this important?

Since there is no current treatment available for Ebola, the best way to avoid getting Ebola is through preventive measures, prevention they say is better than cure. A high number of people in our sister countries such as Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and now Nigeria are battling this deadly disease which has even no cure yet, whiles others do not recognize its symptoms early assuming it to be ordinary sickness whiles seeking personal treatment at home has become deadly and is causing further spread of the disease. This we can deduce to be as a result of lack of proper education on the side of the citizenry. Our aim is to educate ourselves and be better equipped with knowledge of  its symptoms and other tactics to prevent being infected so as to avoid spreading of the disease in the unfortunate event of the Ebola Virus finding its way into our nation.

What is our target?

We intend to reach  at least every citizen of Nzema and be sure he/she is well equipped with the knowldge of Ebola and its preventive measures. Official will be trained by a Ghana Health Service medical officer after which we will visit communities and radio stations to disseminate the accurate  Ministry of Health guidelines to the public.

Sponsor us.


Every GH¢1 or more will sponsor:
1. A visit to a community for Ebola sensitization.
2. A T-shirt for the campaign
3. A flyer/leaflets with Ebola prevention guidelines.
4. Demonstration of hand washing techniques.
5. A soap to be used for hand washing.
6. A hand sanitizer for a school child.
7. A megaphone for talks.

Contact us:

email: nzemayouthasso@hotmaill.com






Meanwhile we urge all members of the Nzema youth Association to quickly report Ebola suspected cases to the nearest health facility as part of their support to help prevent the disease. The Ministry of  Health has provided special Emergency numbers in case of any Suspected Ebola case, kindly call the Ebola Emergence lines; 0299009958, 0299009972, 0299009949.

thank you !

Vote on how you would offer your assistance towards this campaign!

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