The Nzema Youth Association Peace Initiative in collaboration with The National Peace Council has launched a peace concert campaign to promote peace before, during and after this year’s elections in the Western Region of Ghana.

The initiative dubbed: “Avoiding Conflict and Mayhem in the upcoming Elections” would be used as a platform to sensitize Nzemas about the importance of peace for national development.

The concert, which is a part of the Nzema Youth Association`s broader projects, is aimed to champion peaceful election 2012 would be held in Half-Assini, Eikwe, Kikam, Kamgbunli, Axim, and some other parts of the region.

  • Activities

    Symposia at:
  • Mosques and Churches.
    Educational Institutions.
    Market places.
    Trading floors.
    mechanic shops, Etc.

Peace marches in cities
and towns.

Sporting Events

Football matches
Bicycle races
Game of Ludo, Damm,


Live band music.
Mobile disco
Brass band music.
Concert parties.
Film/Movie shows and documentaries on the
negative effects of wars.


The Nzema Youth Association Peace Initiative is a nonprofit advocacy offshoot of the Nzema Youth Association dedicated to inspiring a generation of proactive peacemakers through comprehensive education that stress the values of nonviolence and open-mindedness.

By advocating for the incorporation of programs that stress these values into every child’s school experience, and by developing and administering curricula designed specifically to teach these concepts, we seek to ensure that children not only understand what peace is, but acquire the desire and the skills to make it a reality in their communities and the world at large.

Prompting young people to think compassionately and reject violence must be a priority in this day and age, as the national spotlight continues to shine on the disastrous consequences of violence in our communities.

In more immediate, concrete terms, we hope that our advocacy and our example will prompt educators, both parent and teachers to introduce peace-centric curricula to their young ones, leading to a reductions in bullying and violence in our communities and schools.

Our broader, overarching goal is to see instruction in the ideas of peace, compassion, and nonviolence become a part of every child’s learning experience, and to foster the growth of a generation of leaders who fully understand and can practice empathy, conflict resolution, and work proactively to make our Nzemaland, our Western region, Ghana and therefore our world stronger, safer, and more peaceful.

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