A non-partisan socio-political Association of The citizens of the Nzemaland who has shown concern for the plight of youths and the electorates of our great motherland, determined to work together, conscious of our various background and ethnic origins, prepared to offer selfless service, and provide a new direction for peaceful co-existence and above all to eradicate poverty through the use of our basic resources in our part of the country.


8 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. Monika Firla
    I am interested in A. W. Amo (Amu). Is there anybody in your association who can tell me what he/ she knows about his life when he was back in Axim in 1747?

    • we have made members aware of your search. for some weeks now it seems his stay in Axim was on a very low profile since there has not been any response. Yet the post still stands and we will notify you as soon as we get some credible information for you. Thank you for passing by. Good luck

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