Ways to Help

We all have dreams, but nothing is greater than a dream for a society as a whole. NYA is an organization that is established by a group of  people who wanted to inspire the younger generation, as well as the Nzema Community. We will live up to those standards to the best ability possible. The question for us was not about enhancing NYA, instead it was about inspiring people younger than us, to grow up and be the next generation of our people. With every crucial question in our world today, everything is answered by the Youth. We are the future, we hold the key to the future, therefore we must build our community for a more greater society in the future. I hope that people understand our motive and our ambition to do what ever it takes to live up to the standards set for us. My main message is to simply tell the future generation to live up to the standards set for them, especially when it comes to being involved in their community. As an Nzema, I felt as though I had the responsibility to reach out to my people, weather it’s with in Ghana or abroad. Along with my board, we will do what is possible to impact our community in the most positive way.
We will be an example for the future generation to the best of our ability.” PRO Nuhu Mohammed.

Ways to Help

We need your help.  For only Ghc1.50p per person, we can make our dream a reality and create tangible results that will benefit all citizens.  We are partnering with all three levels of government, the local community, our Project Patrons and the private sector.We invite all able citizens to come to our aid in making our visions a success.  Good individuals  have generously donated to the NYA and we are warmly happy to receiving from you.  We are now seeking funding to to embark on a Development Dialogue amongst the various towns of the Nzemaland and sensitizing the youth on the need for the girl child education and other projects , and every contribution helps.  Please join us in supporting this unique initiative.

Donate Funds/Cash

Please make your cheque or money order payable to the Nzema Youth Association and mail to the address below.  The Nzema Youth Association does not currently have a Planned Giving Program, but we would be happy to discuss ideas and possibilities with you.

Other Ways To Help

Please spread the word, and advocate for the support of the NYA through your networks.  Please let us know about potential funding opportunities.

How will donations be recognized?

You can be sure that your donation will go directly to the Nzema Youth Association.  All NYA donations are deposited in a separate bank account specifically allocated to the NYA, and this is documented in our audited financial statements.  The Board of Directors has developed diverse ways for donors to be recognized, including a Nzema youth-designed letter sent to you immediately in recognition of receipt of your donation.  You can view all our recognition post  here.

P.O.Box 208
Phone: 0233.268.107.441 | 0233.544.169.619
Email: nzemayouth@yahoo.com


3 thoughts on “Ways to Help

  1. My name is Nouoma Cyrille Kablan. I am the current president of the nzema student in UCC. This academic yr my administration has been tasked to organise a quiz compettion for the JHS schools.
    I believe since we all share the same ideology and want the best for our motherland, we would ike to contact you and how best we can organise a better competition. I will try the numbers above but mine is 0206173963/0279049836

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