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Hon. Samia Nkrumah, taking The Bull By The Horn ?

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Ms Samia Yaaba Nkrumah currently the National Chairperson of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), an astute 56-year former legislator for the Jomoro district 2008-2012 and above all a daughter of the Great Osagyefo Doctor Kwame Nkrumah (Ngroma) Liberator of Mother Ghana and Mother Africa.

What about her one may ask?
Well, she is an automatic member of the Nzema youth association, per our constitution, and so this news item relating to governance about her drew our attention to some observations which will be first of its kind and most unprecedented should it be confirmed true.
Current news in our media has it that the former Member of Parliament for the Jomoro District has discreetly declared her intention to run as a candidate for the nation`s prestigious position which if successful could earn her Ghana`s First Female President come 2016 should her party`s (Convention People’s Party -CPP) merger with (

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Good Luck to our 2015 BECE Candidates all across Nzema – From The Nzema Youth Association

Students of Manye Academy-Axim

Candidates of Manye Academy – Axim

The Nzema Youth Association ( NYA ) would like to extend a message of goodwill to all candidates in the ongoing Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in the three Nzema Regions and Ghana as a whole.

We urge our candidates not to lose hope in the face of the numerous challenges face them and look into a brighter future.
We wish to congratulate them for their unflinching dedication and hard work despite these challenging periods which has made studying especially Information Technology and studying in the evening hours almost impossible.

We call on them to carry on being more discipline and desist from any form of examination malpractices which has the tendency of destroying their future.

We wish all candidates the Best of Luck and God’s Guidance throughout their examinations.

Awulae Eduku Danyi
Nzema Youth Association.

‘Ghana’s Laws Make Galamsey Illegal’

A member of the Social Support Foundation (SSF), a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Obuasi, Mr Louis Acheampong has stated that Ghanaian law criminalizes galamsey.

Mr. Acheampong made this statement in an interview with The Finder during the presentation of a report by the Human Rights Watch on ‘Child labour in artisanal small scale gold mining.’

He said, “In the past, it was this same artisanal small-scale gold mining that was going on, so in effect the practice is not illegal; it is the law that has made it illegal because the law has concentrated on formal mining.”

He added that since the formal miners have the mechanism and capital to operate, the laws tend to favour them at the expense of the small-scale miners.

Using Obuasi as an example, he said, “If AngloGold Ashanti (AGA) is given a concession of about 5km radius, then it covers the whole community, including your bedroom, which is wrong, but the laws we have has given them such concession.”

He also mentioned that fortunately for the people of Obuasi, AGA is going through a process called care and maintenance and they have planned to reduce their concession to about 60%.

He explained that this means the company will give the unused land back to the community and government; therefore, the artisanal miners will have a place to carry out their work.

Mr. Acheampong noted that a challenge they identified was the involvement of children at some of the galamsey sites, and this is because they cannot have access to formal credit and mechanisms to be able to carry out their activities.

He said some of them take informal loans, which come with very high interest and difficult repayment plan.

He also said another challenge facing them is that their work is sometimes interrupted by the formal workers, police-military raid and their site destroyed.

Mr. Acheampong said as an NGO, they have been working with the small-scale artisanal miners since 2004 to assist them to formalize and regularize their operations.

He said the miners have been able to group themselves to form co-operatives and businesses to access loans and also organize them for official operations when AGA finally releases the concessions.