Residents of Axim last week staged a massive demonstration against the Nzema East Municipal Assembly, the Member of Parliament of the area and President John Dramani Mahama over their neglect towards the poor roads in the Axim Township and other roads connecting to nearby towns and villages as well as their unconcerned towards calls for the building of Sea Defense to protect Axim from the ongoing devastating sea erosion.

10409718_10205230533338427_5737072631896427172_nThe protesters used coconut trunks to block some sections of the roads to spell out their anger toward the total neglect of Axim with regards to developments by successive government upon governments.

10888678_10205230475576983_7328538065713005098_nThe demonstrators, wearing red bands and red heard scarfs, started the demonstration in the early morning which saw commercial transport operators joining to voice out their displeasure at authorities.

10897942_10205230501417629_3021941074702997259_nIn a petition issued by the youth of the area, organisers of the demonstration Axim Youth Alliance, they noted that the poor and deteriorated roads had contributed to the collapse of many businesses in the area rendering hundreds of people jobless.

They called on government to look for funds to construct a sea defense wall along the coastal line of Axim which has come under threat by a devastating sea erosion minutes by minutes the devastation worsens.

10897060_10205230527898291_2718861490359258574_n 10897060_10205230527938292_7591393347030689773_n 10897060_10205230527978293_3816097002425706583_n10898246_10205230316172998_6866174650132896233_n

Already Hundreds of metres of land have been sub-merged and it could be observed that if the remaining land, which is a little bit above sea level is washed away, in a matter of days, the whole of Axim lands would be submerged.

10898246_10205230316253000_362682050828814601_n 10898246_10205230316212999_5615047814785499603_n

It would be recalled that it became imperative on the government to build sea defense walls in all the coastal communities, from Ketu to other coastal communities in the Volta Region, Ada in Greater Accra region and communities along the coastal belt of the Western Region including Axim, in order to guarantee the total safety of the people in those areas.

Unfortunately Axim was left out to die on its own after a successful kick-start of the Ada Sea Defense Wall and that of the Ketu Sea Defense wall the faith of Axim was left in the hands of the seas.

1441397_10205230331733387_519585914911854547_n 1441397_10205230331813389_8071864034963610492_n

Today in Axim, There is a major national disaster looming should government fail to listen to the plight of the people of Axim the worst is yet to happen.

Members of the Nzema Youth Association and other stakeholders expresses concern about the way the community has been neglected and we therefore appeal to government to help the community to avert further damages to precious properties to help improve the life of the people of Axim and Nzema as a whole.

10409718_10205230533298426_1743713723966368406_n 10409718_10205230533338427_5737072631896427172_n 10409718_10205230533378428_9086209553453238538_n 10885595_10205230487617284_9202483166691327541_n

We urge our representatives to the seat of government to exhibit high level of leadership in addressing and finding quick lasting solutions to situations like these.

We want to emphasize that this is not just few people who are complaining, it’s the whole Nzema for that matter Western Region who are complaining.
We also believe that this is not a matter of partisan politics, these are residents who are complaining about their plight visible to all.
Photo Credit: Axim Youth Alliance

-Sultan Nuhu Mohammed

Public Relation Officer
Nzema Youth Association



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