Fierce communal Clashes in Bonyere

communal-clash-cartoon_358180653Residents of Bonyere in the  Western region had engaged in hours of fierce fighting just hours into the first day of their Kundum celebration after the Chief and its people ignored a ban on this year`s Kundum festivities issued by the Nzema maanle Council.
The ban on the kundum celebrations was to make way for a proper organization of the Kundum festival across the entire  Nzema Traditional areas and was also meant to be used as Sensitization period against the spread of Cholera which had already claimed several lives in the past months in the western region alone as well as sensitization against the deadly ebola virus disease.

This has not been the first time we are witnessing communal clashes in Bonyere. It will be recalled that each  kundum period rekindles the already outstanding chieftaincy issues in that town as it has been so for years.

As a precautionary measure, the government and the authorities of the Western Regional House of Chiefs must order and enforce the suspension of this years Kundum Celebrations across all the three Nzema districts to enable the laws of the lands be preserved.  We call on authorities to as a matter of urgency do their best to resolve these issues to restore peace and order to its people and the people of the region.

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