Security details of Adamus Resources Brutalize Nkroful Residents as DCE and MP of the area stays mute and looks on

adamus1Security personnel of Adamus Resources, a subsidiary of Endeavour Mining Corporation with the help of some military men attacked some residence of Nkroful in the Western Region including the assembly man of the area over a piece of land which the company claims is part of their mining concession.

But for the intervention of God, the Assembly man for the Nkroful Ebanso Electoral Area, Laud Cudjoe, would have met his untimely death on Saturday  September 20, 2014, after he tried to protest the demolition of the newly constructed building on a piece of land belonging to the people in the area.

The demolition was done by the mining company without any prior notice to the indigenes.

adamus4Narrating his ordeal, Laud Cudjoe said he received a call from one of his people informing him of a demolition exercise on-going at the area so he quickly rushed to scene. He said upon reaching the area, he discovered that newly constructed buildings of the people including that of his in-law was being pulled down by an excavator accompanied by a heavy security presence believed to be under the instructions of Adamus Resources.

According to him, due to the operations of Adamus Resources, the District Assembly has decided not to give building permit to anybody in the area until the mining company gives a report on the land since they claim ownership of the area.

On the suspension of granting building permit, the assembly man said “When I contacted the chief of my community, Nana Kwasi Kutuah V, he also received the information with surprise and said he had not been informed of it, agreeing that clarifications be sought”.

Laud Cudjoe, therefore lamented the situation as bitter and expects the District Chief Executive of the Ellembelle District Assembly, Hon. Daniel Eshun, to be more proactive handling the matter.

“There are some reasons why I am feeling that Management has not been fair to the people of Nkroful and its leadership, especially the Assembly members and the Chief.adamus3As Hon. Assembly members representing our people at the Assembly, we ought to get the right information to be relayed to our electorates and not the other way round.

As things stand now, the people are informing us of a critical situation affecting them. What is more embarrassing is that we (Assembly members affected) have no explanations to give them as to the rationale behind this directive.

Again, as the Convener for the Mines and Environment Sub-Committee of the Assembly, I believe that whatever is the backdrop for this directive will hinge on the environmental implications which could emanate from the building of the houses in the area being affected by this directive.

Against the above background, one is but forced to believe that the Assembly is steadily shrinking into just the core Management, waging a ‘psychological war of redundancy’ on most of its sub-committees and by extension, on the Assembly members.

However, Management ought to be cognizant of the fact that for the Assembly members to be given the respect they deserve from their electorates which will make them repose confidence in the District assembly, depend to a large extent on the quality and timeliness of information they get equipped with, largely from the District Assembly for relaying to the communities,” Laud Cudjoe lamented.

adamus2Besides the ban on building permit, farmers of Nkroful has no access road to their farm-lands because the mining company has barricaded the area as security zone, causing them to officially write to the management of Adamus Resources before they are granted access to their own farmlands, a situation the residence described as preposterous and pathetic.

“How can the birthplace of Ghana’s first President Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, which is supposed to serve as a tourist community be treated with such vindictiveness” they asked.

When contacted for his side of the story, the DCE said he is having a big event with the Regional Minister and the Minister for Energy and therefore the meeting should be rescheduled.

We would keep you updated.

Source: spyghana

filed by: Ebenezer Sabutey

Mon, Sep 29th, 2014


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