Nzema Youth Marks the International Day for The Youth

Awulae Davide Ackah

“On the occasion of the international day for the youth being marked today, I wish to take the opportunity to remind my fellow young people that we are the reservoir & the building blocks for building the future of Nzema & Ghana.

Thus, we must strive to make ourselves valuable & relevant in our world of extreme challenges.
Let’s shun idleness & work hard with whatever we are doing & do it with excellence & the future will be ours. Most of us are displeased with the legacy some of our leaders are leaving for us so we must prepare ourselves to do better than our current leaders so that posterity will be happy with our legacy that we shall bequeath to them.

I wish to remind all that our own destinies are in our individual hands & we ourselves, with determination, can shape our future the way we want it.
Let’s not give up hope no matter how difficult things are right now. Let’s believe in God & keep striving for nothing but the best.
I wish all of us God’s blessing.”


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