Atuabo land doesn’t belong to Ghana Gas – Chiefs insist


The chiefs and people of Atuabo and Anorchie communities are insisting that the land on which the Ghana Gas Company infrastructure is situated does not belong to the company.

The chiefs have accused the company of failing to undergo due process in the acquisition  of the land.

They also claimed they had only been presented with a few bottles of schnapps by the company so far, adding that efforts to get them to complete the compensation process had proved futile.

They are therefore demanding that the company immediately legalize its ownership.

But the spokesperson for the Ghana Gas company Alfred Ogbamey in an interview with Citi News, dismissed the allegations saying they followed the right processes to acquire the land.

Reacting to Alfred Ogbamey’s assertion, Tufuhene of Anorchie, Awonye Robert Mensah asked the company to provide evidence to prove the company followed the due procedure.


He insisted that the agreement concerning the land had not been done yet since the company does not have documents to prove ownership of the land. “We know it and everybody knows it and if he[Alfred Ogbamey] alone is claiming that agreement concerning the land has been done, it is not true.

If that agreement has been done, why is that the case has been sent to Court and injunction has been put on them?,”Awonye Robert Mensah asked.

He also denied receiving any form of payment from Ghana Gas.

By: Marian Efe Ansah/


One thought on “Atuabo land doesn’t belong to Ghana Gas – Chiefs insist

  1. Stand up all Chiefs of Nzema from Axim to Half Assini let’s unit for the well-being of our People.We support your effort.

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