Attention Noble Nzema Youth Clarification of issues about the Adoabo Free Port project;

During the May Day celebration, Mr. Kofi Asamoah, General Secretary of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) , raised issues about the Adoabo Free Port project.
But even before him, workers of the Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority (GPHA) had petitioned parliament and gone before the media houses with the same issues.
Today, on Adom FM, a group calling itself “Youth for Nzema & Western Development” condemned the TUC boss in their attempt to justify the Adoabo Free Port project.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I wish to state here that we have been following the issue very carefully and nowhere did the TUC Boss or the GPHA workers protested against the construction of the project at Adoabo.
The issues they have raised are;
1. National Security issues and,
2. Legal issues.
They argue that allowing a foreign private company to operate a free Port can create serious security lapses.
They also argue that it is against the laws of the GPHA to allow a private company to operate a rival port so the project should be given to the GPHA to undertake.
These are their issues. They are not against the project at Adoabo.
We have been made aware that the security issues are taken care of in the contract.

I therefore wish to assure everyone here that there is no cause for fear and no one is calling for the project to be halted.
We are watching with keen interest as this concerns us all and we shall update ourselves as and when there is any new development.
Thank you.

David Ackah-Miezah
Nzema Youth Association


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