Date: 27th March, 2014.
Time: 12:50 pm


* All Print and Electronic Media Houses in Ghana and the Diaspora
* All true sons and daughters of the entire Nzema lands in Ghana and the Diaspora and all Ghanaians in general.


We ask for your attention on this very brief message of weight to set the records straight from the executive body and the entire members of the distinguished Nzema Youth Association.

The Nzema Youth Association is a registered organization with the government of The Republic of Ghana as a non-profit organization whose mandate is to promote the well-being of all Nzema citizens both in Ghana and abroad, creating united arms in order to alleviate the socio-Economic problems faced by the youth of our motherland.

It is our aim and mission to be the fore most youth organization with objective zeal and plausible initiatives aimed at educating, enlightening, sensitizing and creating a democratic awareness to our teaming youths and the electorates; promoting participation and support for governance by expressing opinion, views and ideas on socio-economic policies and activities; propagating justice, equity, rule of law; supporting youth empowerment and engagement; and promoting precautionary alternatives on pandemics within the motherland and beyond to create a healthier, stronger, and more positive communities.

It is therefore very important for us to set the records straight that this is a non-partisan socio-political Association. We have shown concern for the plight of the youths and the electorates of our great motherland and so we are gathered and determined to work together, sensitization and economic strategies; work with the incumbent and future governments of our great nation.
For the past days there have been numerous press releases on some airwaves purporting to represent the Nzema Youth association as a rebuttal to a comment made by the CEO of the think-tank group IMANI GHANA, Mr. FRANKLIN CUDJOE which was earlier on directed at Hon. Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah, Minister of Energy and Petroleum Resources.

The Nzema Youth Association disassociates itself from all those reckless comments by one imposter SAMUEL ESSUMAN AIDOO which was aired on Citi FM. We expected that those imposters using the good image of this movement should have been wiser than they demonstrated since eventually they would be exposed and disgraced.

We are also disappointed that the Media houses also did not help matters. We do not want to believe that some unscrupulous politicians might be manipulating some of them to accomplish some selfish and politically destructive agenda.

We expected a reputable media organization like Citi FM to undertake the simplest exercise of crosschecking the background of the individual who they called to speak on behalf of our legitimately registered association.

If this due diligence had been done they would have known that the said Essuman is an imposter. Failure to do this simple exercise has dragged the hard won reputation of a noble organization into the mud by making claims which do not represent the views of the organization.

It is unfortunate that a group of politically drunk guys apparently acting on the instructions of equally irresponsible political hot heads have dragged the reputation of this organization into the murky waters of Ghanaian partisan politics.

We wish to state again that none of the Executives of this organization and members has a hand in the attack on the person of Mr. Franklin Cudjoe, Founder/CEO of IMANI Ghana. Though we do not subscribe to Mr. Cudjoe’s attack on the person of Hon. Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah, Minister of Energy and Petroleum Resources, we will not in any way endorse an equally scathing attack on Mr. Cudjoe or IMANI Ghana.

The political neutrality of NYA cannot under any circumstances be compromised on the altar of political expediency of any sectional groups. Thus all those who are reacting for or against are doing so in their own personal capacity.

Media houses which require clarification on any information regarding Nzema Youth Association should direct such inquiries to:
Sultan Nuhu Mohammed
Public Relation Officer.
Tel: 0544169619


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