Shama District, Rice Farmers decry decision to lock up only milling machine by the district agric officer


The only rice milling machine provided by the government to rice farmers of the Shama District in the western region to enhance local rice production in the country has been locked up by the district agric officer for about two months now without any reason for his personally decisive action.

This situation has compelled rice farmers in the Shama District to resort to very obsolete means of processing their rice which is not able to separate unwanted chaffs such as stones and other foreign materials.

The situation has brought about multiple hardships to these hardworking farmers of the district making it difficult for marketing of their produce due to customer’s preference to other rice from different region due to the nonexistence of unwanted particles in their rice produce.

About three thousand tons of rice was transported to Kumasi just last year in its paddy to be milled, causing the local farmers to loose thousands of Ghana Cedis in income.

In November, 2013, these vulnerable farmers lead by the assembly member of the Anto-Aboso Electoral Area, Mr. Famous Hotorwovi, made this known to the District Chief executive and other relevant authorities in the district.

However, the situation remains same and local rice farmers are still crying out loud for an intervention.  The rice mill had been in operation in the area for the past one-and-half years and its closure months ago has created multiple economic hardship for these rice farmers because other farmers are unable to mill their rice using obsolete means to end up not being bought on the market.

If the situation is not resolved within the shortest possible time, farmers are still very likely to transport their rice again to Kumasi and many of these farmers could return to their jobless state before the intervention of gov`t in introducing them to the venture of rice farming.




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