Another Whale Washed Ashore at Nkontompo – Western Region

Breaking News :
ImageAnother #whale washed Ashore this time it landed at the shore of Nkontompo in the #Sekondi #Takoradi metropolis in the Western Region Tuesday night (3/09/2013).

This has become very rampant  and it is soo devastating to learn that this could  be the fourth whale or more washed ashore at different locations along the coasts of our  region alone in the past four days.
On Monday 2/09/2013 the same endangered sea mammal of different size was washed ashore at Asanta in the Ellembele district of the same region.
It has come to us as a shock of the total disregard of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on their failure to perform their duty as required of them by the state.
We have noted that oil companies did not perform any fisheries impact assessment before exploration and drilling started as the law required despite the numerous calls by other NGO`s including the Fisheries Commission.

The EPA had the mandatory responsibility to compel all of the oil companies working in the deep seas of the Western Region to conduct Fisheries Impact Assessment in order to protect the country’s marine resources, but they failed blatantly to do their mandatory job.

We believe that the increased and frequent number of dead whales and other marine life washed ashore are all due to Oil exploratory and Drilling activities within the deep seas of the region. The Jubilee Oil field is located 60km offshore in the Atlantic Ocean between the Deep water Tano and West Cape Three Points blocks (Axim) in the Western Region.
Today our hard working fishermen are forced to sit idle at home unemployed due to these same activities of the oil companies.
since the start of oil exploration at the Jubilee Oilfields, supply vessels traffic had increased on the high seas which had resulted in some vessels destroying the nets of fishermen and even capsizing fishing boats without paying any compensation to them. Today livelihoods of our fishermen has been hit hard since a radius of 500-kilometres had been earmarked as out-of-bounds for fishing, depriving them of their movements on the high seas for their livelihoods.

With these and other numerous challenges and the negative effects of oil exploration and drilling on our fishing communities and our environment in general in this country it is more than enough and it has become a must for authorities and the state to pay attention in order to avoid further problems that awaits us.
We appeal to government to wake up and come to the aid of the good people of the region.

Nzema Youth Association


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