Sing peace, act peace after the SC final Verdict

Ghana: A Country Redeemed after a Peaceful Election, let us dignify that after the Supreme Court adjudication.

Preach Peace Act peace. Indeed peace is priceless.

Preach Peace Act peace. Indeed peace is priceless.

To a large extent, the prevailing peace in Ghana is a result of the disciplinary nature of Ghanaians as well as the many reforms that the country has undertaken to create a peaceful environment through the use of organized religious bodies, social institutions like youth associations, sports clubs etc as well as a credible institutions like the Peace Council. Ghanaians also trust the reformed judiciary, which has demonstrated its professionalism, independence, and capacity to adjudicate on complex matters, including this controversial presidential election. One major lesson for the international community is that peace is more likely to be durable when it’s the people of Ghana and their own institutions that are left to handle their problems.

The electoral process, its challenge at the highest court of the motherland (The Supreme Court) and the peaceful environment Ghanaians have created during such an intense political tension  shows that indeed we are people most outstanding in dignity and the little advice to ourselves now must be that we all hold on tight to peace and wait patiently for the adjudication from the Supreme Court on this election petition which we all have waited in patience during the trial period.

Such patience in peace is worth it a million times, it has become a testament to the progress Ghana has made in strengthening its democratic institutions, and the desire of the Ghanaian people to allow justice to prevail and to move the country forward.

Nzema Youth Association is also echoing what has already been preached that , whatever the outcome of the supreme court verdict, everybody should accept it in peace. Think Ghana first before any of all the political parties.

We appeal to the youth of our motherland Nzema and Ghana as a whole to close embrace peace at all times and kick against any attempt by “selfish” politicians who are ready to misuse the youthful exuberance to cause mayhem in any locality after the Supreme Court verdict.

We remind ourselves that political disorder in neighbouring Cote d’ Ivoire, Egypt and Libya should serve as bitter lessons to us to preserve Ghana’s trade mark as a peaceful Nation, this is worth it.
We are of high certainty that this final verdict will yield fruitful results for our welfare as a nation.
Preach Preach, act peace.

Nuhu Mohammed
Nzema Youth Association
Public Relations Officer.


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