Nationwide Immunization against polio kicks-off

Nationwide Immunization against polio kicks-off

This year’s national immunization exercise has started with about 5.8 million children from zero to five years expected to be immunized against the deadly polio disease.

About 45,000 volunteers have been trained for deployment in every part of the county to undertake the three-day national vaccination exercise for a successful vaccination, aimed at maintaining Ghana’s status as polio –free country.

Mr. Dauda Sepah Shaibu a Senior Community Health Assistance at the ALHAJI NUHU MEMORIAL HEALTH CARE CENTRE (Kamgbunli in the Ellembele District), in an interview said the programme has successfully began and all trained professionals have been dispatched to the various villages and towns in the district towards the vaccinations.

He urged parents to co-operate with all volunteers in order to ensure that all eligible children were vaccinated against polio.  He advised parents that Polio is  one of the six childhood killer diseases that affects the nervous system and causes permanent paralysis and as such should not be entertained in any way and that the only way to get rid of this killer disease was through early vaccination which is being offered free by the government of Ghana.

He also detailed that every child who receives the vaccine has the little finger of their right hand marked with black indelible ink to prevent double vaccination.

MR. Shaibu Sepah added that everyone must take it upon him/herself to ensure that the news of the vaccination in progress is spread to all households to ensure that no child is left out. The vaccination is said to last for three days continuous.


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