Sir Appiatus cautions Senior High School Graduates


Mr. Emmanuel Kwame Appiah
Senior Teacher At Nsein Methodist School.

A Senior Teacher at the Nsein Methodist School and a member of the Nzema Youth Association Mr. Emmanuel Kwame Appiah, has in a brief and short message via the Nzema Youth Association page cautioned all students who have graduated from Senior High School  this year to be cautions and abstain from any form of excessive entertainment detrimental to their future.

He emphasized that these graduates forms the very future of a new Ghana and therefore needed direction from both parents and society as a whole. It is therefore imperative on all of us as good citizens to do our best in protecting our future leaders he further added to his call.

Below is the full transcript.

I am using this medium to ask our younger SHS LEAVERS to let go off those numerous beach jams and other activities which could be fatal to their lives. For such activities perished others sadly before their certificates and result slips arrived.

As we have witnessed from past events, most often such events (massive beach jams and partying) leads to alcohol intakes and intoxication which could easily influence one into immoral acts. some of these immoral practices have lead many into contracting serious Sexually Transmitted Diseases & Infections and HIV/AIDS, and the rest suffered unwanted pregnancies at their teens among other social vices thereby shattering their ambitions of furthering their education.

I therefore plead with our fellow brothers and sisters to advise and counsel our siblings before the mishaps stem from the beach jams and other massive over partying.
Thank you
Appiatus Gentle


3 thoughts on “Sir Appiatus cautions Senior High School Graduates

  1. Good day Sir
    I came across your articles on FB Nzema Youth Association and feel quite giddy, I am an Obroni Ghanaian National who will be returning to Ghana at the end of this month and will be visiting Nzema may father’s village for the first time and just wanted to say how wonderful it has been coming across this blog and the page etc. so i am following my spirit and just wanted to say what you are dfoing is great, i also hope to return full time and give something back. so that was it really just a hi and appreciation of how you are doing things. Best regards Anna Ackah

    • Thank you soo much. We are glad you appreciate our little efforts in here. We wish you all the best best in your coming. there is no where like home and I must say you will happily be happier with your stay here, as well little drops of water makes a mighty ocean, home certainly need you. Thank you and all the best madam Anna.

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