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Happy African Union Day

Forward Into a United Africa Now

Forward Into a United Africa Now

Happy African Union Day to all Africans on the continent and beyond who share the idea of a Free & Independent United Africa. We use this opportunity to strongly appeal to our leaders to as a matter of seriousness hold in high esteem the mantle handed down to us the new generation from the freedom fighters such as Dr. kwame Nkrumah, Marcus Garvey, King Haile Selassie, Sékou Touré, Sarwat Pasha, Léopold Senghor, Robert Mugabe, Patrice Lumumba, Philibert Tsiranana, Félix Houphouët-Boigny, David Dacko, Jomo Kenyatta, Hastings Kamuzu Banda, Francisco Macías Nguema, and the many more great liberators of the African continent. AU was established to unite Africans and bring economic growth to the continent.

Leaders you have the power to move the continent forward into Unity. we are ever ready to support A UNITED AFRICA ! HAPPY AFRICA LIBERATION DAY !


Sir Appiatus cautions Senior High School Graduates


Mr. Emmanuel Kwame Appiah
Senior Teacher At Nsein Methodist School.

A Senior Teacher at the Nsein Methodist School and a member of the Nzema Youth Association Mr. Emmanuel Kwame Appiah, has in a brief and short message via the Nzema Youth Association page cautioned all students who have graduated from Senior High School  this year to be cautions and abstain from any form of excessive entertainment detrimental to their future.

He emphasized that these graduates forms the very future of a new Ghana and therefore needed direction from both parents and society as a whole. It is therefore imperative on all of us as good citizens to do our best in protecting our future leaders he further added to his call.

Below is the full transcript.

I am using this medium to ask our younger SHS LEAVERS to let go off those numerous beach jams and other activities which could be fatal to their lives. For such activities perished others sadly before their certificates and result slips arrived.

As we have witnessed from past events, most often such events (massive beach jams and partying) leads to alcohol intakes and intoxication which could easily influence one into immoral acts. some of these immoral practices have lead many into contracting serious Sexually Transmitted Diseases & Infections and HIV/AIDS, and the rest suffered unwanted pregnancies at their teens among other social vices thereby shattering their ambitions of furthering their education.

I therefore plead with our fellow brothers and sisters to advise and counsel our siblings before the mishaps stem from the beach jams and other massive over partying.
Thank you
Appiatus Gentle

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Ghana`s Way Out of Poverty

Ghana’s prosperity must be powered by knowledge, skills and innovation. This vision is realised where workers and industry are committed to lifelong learning; businesses are characterised by their ability to innovate, prosper and compete; communities cooperate to improve their regions; young people make sound career decisions based on relevant and current information and continue their careers in Ghana; and public policy, including funded programmes, is strategically aligned and responsive to resolving workforce, education and economic issues.

For Ghana to compete and prosper in the 21st century, economic success is dependent upon the creation and sustainability of a knowledgeable and skilled workforce that will support not only the growth of existing businesses, but the addition of new, high wage industries. The systems that create the policies and implement the strategies that connect workers and the workplace must be both agile and innovative in their responsiveness to market driven demands and shifts in the country’s economy and demographics.

Ghana will be prosperous in the 21st century because our people and firms will have a competitive level of education and training, accessed through a delivery system that aligns all resources, public and private, to provide the right skills and technology, at the right time.

 There are five key factors in the success equation. First and foremost is the enabling system that creates the environment and provides the resources, support and services that facilitate success for employers, adults and youth. The second factor is the employers who create jobs; invest their own resources in facilities, technology and training; and who drive the skills of the workforce through high expectations and financial rewards for meeting those expectations. The third factor is the competent adult workforce. Presently and for the next few decades, the workforce is and will comprise primarily of individuals who have not been engaged in education or training since leaving school or college. Their willingness and ability to participate in lifelong learning and skill acquisition will largely drive the ability of employers to innovate and compete. Another factor in the equation is the emerging workforce (youth. Additionally, it is recognised that access to technology and/or innovation increases a firm’s competitiveness or capacity to hire additional skilled labour.

The Skills Development Fund (SDF) is an important tool in this context. It is a challenge fund providing a demand driven response to three critical challenges encountered by the productive sectors of Ghana: an adequately qualified labour force; the urgency of training institutions providing up-to-date skills training; and access to state-of-the-art technology. The SDF caters to the skills needs of the formal and informal sectors of the economy; it will be available for pre-employment initiatives and address the needs of continuous skills upgrading. The Fund will also support partnerships between science and technology providers and industry targeting productivity improvements, product diversification, and growth through technology development or organisational innovations.

Charles Cofie

SDF Committee Chairman            

How to lodge complaints against your MP

How to lodge complaints against your MP

There is no formal procedure for complaining if you are unsatisfied with the service you have received from your Member of Parliament. If you are not satisfied with the treatment you have received you have three courses of action available to you.

First you can take your complaint to the local party association. Although there may be no immediate sanction they can take, the choice of who is selected to represent the constituency in future elections rests with them. There should be a contact number and address in your local telephone directory. Alternatively, you can write to the party’s headquarters.

The other option is to write to the Chief Whip of the party to which your MP belongs. The address is:
[Name of Party]
Chief Whip’s Office
Parliament House

That office will deal with the complaint from there.
The Parliamentary Select Committee does not deal with a Member of Parliament’s decision on how to handle a constituent’s case or a Member’s views or opinions. The remit of the Commissioner is mainly concerned with breaches of the Code of Conduct and the registration and declaration of financial interests and benefits.


Happy Mothers Day

Nzema Youth Association Wishes all mothers a Happy mother`s Day

Nzema Youth Association Wishes all mothers a Happy mother`s Day.
PHOTO: Designed by mdnuhu fotos

The Women`s wing of the Nzema Youth Association and on behalf of the entire Nzema Youth association  would like to wish all the mothers of our dear motherland a very hearty happy mother’s day.

Being a mother in our part of the world as we know bears the utmost responsibility and as well as the hardest job in itself in the world, to be responsible for the future of children is not at all an easy task for our mothers.

Notwithstanding the numerous challenges our mothers go through, they tirelessly stay strong and continue the struggle by being the pillars and strength of our life that we rely on with the millions of sacrifices to enable us the opportunity to dream big while helping us realize our dreams, and we as mothers and young ones today in the Nzema Youth Association understand how difficult being a mother can be.

We urge the mothers of our motherland to stay strong and continue the struggle by being the pillars of strength that families have come to rely on.

We are hoping we as children will take this opportunity to thank our mothers and show them how much they are appreciated this Mother’s Day.

Mothers are expected to work tirelessly throughout the year and this Sunday we are urging them to sit back, take a break and get looked after instead.

Wishing all mothers a blessed and relaxing day where we hope they are shown just how much they are appreciated by those who love them.

Mom, our prayers for you…
“May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day.

May songbirds serenade you every step of the way.

May the rainbow run beside you in a sky that’s always blue

May happiness fill your heart each day of your remaining life”.

Happy mother’s Day
Nzema Youth Association
12th May, 2013

Happy mother`s Day

Happy mother`s Day

I Love you Mothers day Poem

I love you and I need you, even though
I may at times have made you tear your hair!
I set myself apart, but even so
Your presence and your love are always there.
You are my jail cell and ten-ton door
That keeps me from just being who I am.
And so I pound the walls and go to war,
Ramming all the rules that I can ram.
Yet though I must rebel, all the while
I know your love’s the ground on which I stand.
I wait upon the flash of your proud smile
And twist inside at every reprimand.
I’m sorry for the times I’ve caused you pain;
After these brief storms, love will remain.

Author Unknown