Wishing All Candidates sitting for this year`s WASSCE exam Success.


Success Wishes;
The Executives and the entire membership of the Nzema Youth Association wishes all students sitting for this year`s Senior High School Examinations the very best of luck in their final examinations.

“These are trying times and you need all the courage and determinations to rise above challenges as you sit for the examination, you are not alone, the entire Nation is behind you in faith and actions”

We plead with you to be faithful and avoid any act of malpractice which could lead to any form of punishment on you. We wish to remind you that your solely effort will give you the crown of success at the end of these series of exams in your life! If you disown the opportunity to shine in your exams, life’s opportunities will disown you as well, so persevere hard and by your efforts and God`s blessings you will be what you wish to be.

To all students in the Nzema areas it is Obvious that times are not easy for most of our schools identified as under-performing but with the support and commitment of all stakeholders, especially you as a student it is our hope that you improve on this year’s 2013 WASSCE results.
It is your opportunity to shine and make yourself as well as all of us proud.

You are capable of scoring the best grades ever, take up the tasks with all the seriousness.
Wishing you the best of flying colours peace be on you all. Good Luck.
Nuhu Mohammed
Public Relation Officer
Nzema YouthAssociation


One thought on “Wishing All Candidates sitting for this year`s WASSCE exam Success.

  1. To those sitting for west african examination council (WAEC) this year, i Umar Farouq Usman AKA JEAGA wish to use this medium to wish you success in all you lay your hands upon shall prosper may you come out with flying colors

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