Regarding the continues Disregard of the community Rules and Regulations fbk page (

Flagged Important*

We greet each and every humble member of this great movement with the peace and blessings of our Maker, the Creator of all that exist, Lord of the worlds and Master of the Day of Judgment.

Dear Members of this distinguished house, I plead to have your attention for a very brief message I carry from the executive body of NYA.
The executives do acknowledge the presence of all members of this august house and most especially the wonderful members who are doing extremely well in keeping the page active through their regular posts and comments.
In-fact the regular postings and updating of all these important information and comments is exactly what is helping sustain the welfare of this group; nonetheless there was the need for rules and regulations as a guideline for a more decorous conversation between us all.

In other to achieve that in making this page more suitable for all members, the Public Relations Officer was tasked to prepare a sustainable *Rules and Regulations* for the group. This has been in existence for a longer time now.
Unfortunately we are forced to reemphasize that for many times, yet again it has come to the attention of the Administrators that some members have gone contrary to these rules and regulations.
We are urging all members to study these rules and regulations and act as such to prevent any unfortunate occurrences.
Indeed if there were no rules in here, then there really wouldn’t be anything important to seek for in here. Rules bring order and fairness, without rules there would be chaos, filthy posts and insults and it wouldn’t be in anyone’s interest; it would look like just a bunch of people doing their own thing with no goal or point. This page would actually be boring without rules.

Rules are very important for anything because they make things more interesting and managed. For these important reasons we are forced to screen all posts before making it public for our highly distinguished members taking effect from February 19, 2013 at 18:30GMT.
With all due respect this trend will be temporal for until we see the changes we urge all members to exercise great patience. We remind ourselves to recognize that rules keep us safe, help us get along, and keep things fair
Please keep on with their postings and comments, they are highly welcomed.

Thank you.
Public Relation Officer
Nuhu Mohammed
Nzema Youth Association


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