Over 60 cholera cases recorded in Tarkwa in two weeks


Medical officers in Tarkwa Nsuem in the Western Region say they have recorded 63 cholera cases over the past two weeks – 22 females, 41 males.

The situation has been attributed to poor hygiene. No deaths have been recorded yet.

Medical Superintendent of the Tarkwa Government Hospital Dr. Ebenezer Acquah tells Joy News unless attitudes change, the situation will persist.

“It is because we don’t pay attention to our hygiene, we are very filthy people in Ghana. People defecate and they leave the faeces in plastic bags and dump them in gutters, and therefore if it rains it is spread all over. If we don’t change our habit cholera would always be with us.”

Dr. Ebenezer Acquah also questioned the quality of the sachet water produced in the area, as well as the kind of food being sold there.

He has therefore advised people to be careful when they go out to buy food or water.

Meanwhile, Okatakyei Amankwah Afrifah of Dynamite FM in Tarkwa told Joy News the sanitary situation in Tarkwa has “actually gotten out of hand”.

He explained that the number of people there have outgrown the sanitary facilities provided by the city authorities.

“The best thing is to start relocating the refuse dumps,” which he said are now close to residential areas.

Municipal Chief Executive of Tarkwa Nsuem Christina Kobinah tells Joy news the Assembly has dispatched personnel to fumigate five communities which have recorded the highest number of cases.

Posted on Tuesday, 6 November 2012, 18:16


Joyonline VIA http://www.infoghana.info/


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