Jomoro District

The Jomoro District

The Jomoro District is one of the twenty-one (21) districts in the Western Region of Ghana.

The District lies between Latitudes 040 55’ – 050 15’ N and Longitudes 020 15’ – 020 45’ W and is bordered on the North by Wassa Amenfi West and Aowin Suaman districts, Nzema East Municipal on the East, La Cote d’ivoire to the West and the gulf of Guinea to the South.  The size of the district is 1344 District Capital – Half Assini.

The Jomoro District, which used to be part of the then Nzema East Municipal was created by Legislative Instrument 1394 in 1988.

It is located in the Southwestern corner of the Western Region of Ghana. It is bounded on the South by Latitude 4,80 N and the Atlantic Ocean {Gulf of Guinea}. It is bounded in the North by Latitude 5,21 N and the Nini River. It also lies between Longitude 2,35 W to the East and 3,07 W to the West.

Hon. Samia Yaba Christina Nkrumah (CPP)

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