Nzema East Municipal

Nzema East Municipal

The Nzema East Municipal is one of the twenty-one (21) districts in the Western Region of Ghana with Its capital Axim.
It covers an area of about 2194 square kilometres (9.8 percent of the total area of the Western Region).

It is bounded on the west by Jomoro, north by Wassa Amenfi East, and the east by Wassa Amenfi West and Ahanta West District. On the south, it is bounded by the Gulf of Guinea with 70 kilometres stretch of sandy beaches.

The district is among the new districts and municipalities created in 2008 by the then President, John Kufuor. It was inaugurated on 29 February 2008.

The Ankobra River is the only major river in the district.

About 70% of the working residents are farmers, and the major crops are coconut, palm oil, cocoa, rubber, and sugarcane.

It records a very high percentage of rainfall throughout the year.

MP in this municipality:

Hon. Cathrine Abelema Afeku (NPP)


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