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“We recognize that communities have knowledge, skills, and practices that are effective and valuable. We are not about “fixing” communities. We unleash their potential and encourage youth civic engagement”.

Join the Peace Campaign Train
The initiative dubbed: “Avoiding Conflict and Mayhem in the upcoming Elections” would be used as a platform to sensitize Nzemas about the importance of peace for
national development.


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Advice for Election Day 2012

Dear All Members of the Nzema Youth Association,ELECTION DAY, 7th DECEMBER, 2012:

This is a day in which the future of our country will be decided. Our stance is not trying to persuade you to vote for a certain candidate, but we do want you to make an educated decision.

While we will not try to tell you that a certain candidate is better than the other, we do want you to be knowledgeable about your decision. The following is a website that you can go to and actually look at the profile of candidate’s and their stances on certain issues and see who you agree with.

Like we said before, we will not try and convince you to vote for a certain candidate, but we do want to encourage all of you to think twice before you walk into the voting booth blind.

It is not hard to see that the two party system no longer works and instead we need to vote for candidates who realize the importance of bipartisan politics. So, on December 7th instead of walking in “ignorant” and merely casting a vote for who your mom or dad votes for, take some time and look up the candidates who are going to give Ghana a chance at becoming the thriving nation it once was.  Use your right as a Ghanaian, get out and vote on Friday. H.E John Dramani Mahama (NDC) Dr. Henry Herbert Lartey (GCPP) Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo (NPP) Dr.Papa Kwesi Nduom (PPP)  Akwasi Addai Odike (UFP) Ayariga Hassan (PNC)  Michael Abu Sakara Foster (CPP) Jacob Osei Yaw (INDEPENDENT CAND.)

Ghana to establish military base in Western Region to deal with external aggression


Ghana’s Minister for Defence, Lieutenant-General Joseph Henry Smith, has announced that the government has acquired a site in the Western Region to establish a Military Forward Operation Base (FOB) that would deal swiftly with any external aggression.

He said this had become necessary following oil and gas exploration and influx of people from all walks of life in order to protect oil installations, mount surveillance and undertake aggressive patrols in the Region.

Lt.Gen. Smith made the disclosure during a working visit to the  2 Garrison Command in Takoradi at the weekend to acquaint himself with their challenges and state of  preparedness towards the upcoming elections.

He said the FOB would include airstrip and helipath that would ensure quick responses to emergencies, adding that as the country was chalking successes in its social, political and democratic dispensation there was the need to strengthen its combat readiness so that the country would not be taken unawares.

The Minister indicated that over the past four years the government had equipped the military to execute its mandate effectively and efficiently including the provision of six vessels to the Navy and other accoutrements.

He said the government would continue to provide all the necessary logistics for the proper execution of its mandate.

Touching on their welfare, Lt. Gen. Smith said the government had acquired eight plots of land with $50 million Chinese loan facility to construct residential accommodation for them and assured the Military of government’s continuous support.Image

He assured the military that the Defence Industrial Holding Company (DIHOC) programme in Kumasi would provide the necessary expertise and skills to the Military personnel to manufacture leather wear, sew their own uniforms and rear livestock, which would be a source of employment for both the retired service men and civilians.

This, he said, would enable the GAF to produce most of their equipment internally to generate employment opportunities in the country.

He disclosed that the GAF had asked their suppliers to establish firms in the country to train the military personnel so that in the next five years the Ghanaian military could produce their own accoutrements locally.

The Defence Minster also toured some ongoing projects in the Region during the visit.

Source: GNA

NYA mourns Alhaji Aliu Mahama

NYA Expresses Shock at the Demise of past Vice-President H.E Alhaji Aliu Mahama

NYA expresses its deepest condolence to the family, friends, colleagues and the entire nation, on the sudden death of H.E. Alhaji Aliu Mahama, former Vice President of the Republic of Ghana.

As a vice president, he served his nation well with distinction, which endeared him to all his political opponents.

He was a respectable person and very hardworking, very soft spoken and we are immensely saddened by the news of his demise.

In his capacity as a Vice President, he inspired a generation of Ghanaians across all ethnic boundaries.

He was a benevolent man who cared and extended a generous hand to the poor and needy, a man who stands tall in his mission of fostering good bond between the Muslim and the Christian faith in this country.

Ghana has indeed lost a great leader but his good deeds would far outlive him. NYA is inspired by the hope that, Vice President Aliu Mahama’s exemplary life would inspire the youth and the nation to greater deeds.
He will also be fondly remembered for his generous gesture of humility and discipline.

We express our condolences on behalf of the entire family of the Nzema Youth Association.

Salaam on him this day and until the day Allah resurrects us all.

Nuhu Mohammed,
Public Relation Officer,
Nzema Youth Association.

16th November, 2012.

Message of Condolence following the tragic collapse of the Melcom Shopping Centre

Message of Condolence from the Nzema Youth Association following the tragic collapse of the Melcom Shopping Centre.

On behalf of the entire family of the Nzema Youth association, I am writing to express our shock and sadness following the recent tragedy in which the Achimota branch of the Melcom Shopping Centre in Accra collapsed and trapped over 80 people as well as killing an unspecified number of others on Wednesday, 7th November 2012.

We want to request you to convey our solidarity and prayers to the families of the departed and the entire nation. Indeed, there comes a time when words cannot express the deep sentiments of love that we want to express to victims of this unimaginable horror at this time of bereavement.

The incident has since thrown the country into shock; the Nzema Youth Association expresses sincere shock on how the incidence unfolded; this is why we take this opportunity to ask all the members of the NYA, to whom we send a copy of this message, to remember the victims of this disaster and to pray for the victims and their families.

Our wish and conviction is that all those in pain and those who have lost their loved ones will find consolation and strength in God who gives humanity a new beginning with hope and dignity.

Words can’t express how saddened we are to hear of the loss of souls through this disaster, our hearts are with you in this time of sorrow.


Nuhu Mohammed
Public Relation Officer – Nzema Youth Association

9th November, 2012


Ellembelle District

The Ellembelle District

The Ellembelle District is one of the twenty-one (21) Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies in the Western Region of Ghana.  The District was carved out of the then Nzema East District in December 2007 by (LI) 1918 and inaugurated in 29 February 2008 by the then President, John Agyekum Kufuor, with Nkroful, the birthplace of Kwame Nkrumah as the District Administrative seat or Capital.

In the Local Government Act, 1993 (Act 462) and the National Development Planning System Act, 1994 (Act 408), the Ellembelle District Assembly is to function as the overall Planning Authority in its areas of jurisdiction.

Member of Parliament:

Hon. Emmanuel Kofi Armah Buah (NPP)

Jomoro District

The Jomoro District

The Jomoro District is one of the twenty-one (21) districts in the Western Region of Ghana.

The District lies between Latitudes 040 55’ – 050 15’ N and Longitudes 020 15’ – 020 45’ W and is bordered on the North by Wassa Amenfi West and Aowin Suaman districts, Nzema East Municipal on the East, La Cote d’ivoire to the West and the gulf of Guinea to the South.  The size of the district is 1344 District Capital – Half Assini.

The Jomoro District, which used to be part of the then Nzema East Municipal was created by Legislative Instrument 1394 in 1988.

It is located in the Southwestern corner of the Western Region of Ghana. It is bounded on the South by Latitude 4,80 N and the Atlantic Ocean {Gulf of Guinea}. It is bounded in the North by Latitude 5,21 N and the Nini River. It also lies between Longitude 2,35 W to the East and 3,07 W to the West.

Hon. Samia Yaba Christina Nkrumah (CPP)