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POKUASE (G/A), April 12-2012, NYA


Mr. Emmanuel Right Rooney, an executive member of the Nzema Youth Association, has appealed to the government to give more logistics to the National Youth Employment Programme.

Briefing the members of the Nzema Youth Association`s chapter in Pokuase-Amasaman during his tour of the National Agricultural Research Centre at Pokuase in the GA-West District of the Greater Accra region. Mr. Emmanuel Rooney said young people are always deceived by some politicians with money to cause trouble whiles such lucrative ventures such as animal farming were left almost unexploited.

He said before peace could be achieved the youth should be engaged by the National Youth Employment Authority and be given salaries and equipment to work with.

He said the youth were causing violence and becoming more violent because of the severe unemployment problems. He said they as an association does not have logistics in their offices to sensitize, create awareness and educate the people in the rural areas.

In an interview with the Public Relations Officer, Mr. Nuhu Mohammed, he said “For decades, the Ghanaian government and international donors have neglected agriculture, despite its importance to Ghanaian lives. If Ghana is going to be built better then the international community needs to generously support the Ghanaian government’s agricultural investment plan, efforts should prioritize agriculture to reduce poverty and improve access to food in both rural and urban Ghana…”

Government must pay special attention to the Agricultural sector to equip the youth to become useful citizens.

He added that “strong, sustainable agricultural and rural development is critical to the success of the Ghanaian youth”.

Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme Application Now Opened

updated 6 March, 2012

Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme Applications Now Open

In Ghana, applications for awards towards the 2012/2013 academic year will be opened from 5 March 2012.

Up to 50 Scholarship awards will be given with possible allocations as follows: 30 open to the general public, 10 to western region indigenes and 10 to public servants nominated from key Ministries/Government Agencies working in areas related to Tullow’s activities in exploration, development and production.

Only online applications will be considered. No paper based application allowed. Please note: funding is not available for 1st degree, Ph.D. or distance learning programmes. Only short listed applicants will be contacted to proceed to the next stage.

Scholarships are targeted at individuals who can exhibit track record of success in their field of endeavour. Candidates must demonstrate a strong personality and ambition, and a commitment to return to Ghana and make a contribution to its future development. Click here for more information.

What courses will be sponsored under the scholarship scheme?

A wide range of courses will be covered, including those listed below.
Geosciences (Geophysics, Geology)
Engineering (Petroleum Engineering, Oil and Gas Engineering, Petrochemical Engineering, Subsea Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Automation Systems, and Electrical Engineering)
Agriculture and Agro-based courses
Environmental and Forestry Management
Hospitality and Tourism Management
Marine Sciences (Fisheries, aqua-culture)
Logistics and Supply Chain
Business (Economics, Finance and Management).

1.What is the Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme about?

2.Why is Tullow Oil giving out these scholarships?
3. How long (over how many years) will the Tullow Oil Scholarship scheme last?
4.Does the scholarship sponsor only oil and gas courses?
5. What courses will be sponsored under the scholarship scheme?
6. Why is the scholarship sponsoring only post-graduate education, why not tertiary, secondary or primary?
7. What is Tullow Oil doing to invest in local educational institutions?
For relevant answers to thees and procedures to register and apply please visit :



30 January 2012

Tullow Oil, Africa’s largest independent oil firm, has announced that from 2012 onwards it would give scholarships to 50 young talented Ghanaians annually to study postgraduate programmes outside the country. Out of the 50 people, 10 people in the coastal belt are expected to benefit from the scholarship annually.

This is part of the Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme which aims at providing 110 young talented Africans annually in its operational countries to study in leading universities in the United Kingdom. The scholarship scheme will be allocated to countries including Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Gabon, Mauritius, Cote d’ivoire and Bangladesh.

The scholarship scheme covers courses include: Geosciences (Geophysics, Geology); engineering; marines sciences; environment and forestry management; and hospital and tourism management. The scheme will be implemented by the British Council which has over 40 years experience in the area of the scholarship implementations.

Speaking at the launch of the scholarship scheme in Accra, the Vice President of External Affairs and CSR, Ms Rosalind Kainyah added that scholarship would cover tuition and thesis fees, stipend, and travel costs.

She told the well-attended gathering that: “We have already started with a pilot phase which commenced in Ghana in September 2011. This pilot scheme supported 24 Ghanaians from the public sector with scholarships to pursue various studies to Masters Level with leading universities in the United Kingdom”.

Ms Kainyah was quick to disclose that this year 50 scholarship awards from the Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme are available for Ghanaians through a competitive process, including all members of the public who meet the set criteria.

She stressed that: “We are committed to being socially responsible, to managing the environment that we operate in, to looking after our staff and to being a good Company”.

According to her, we want to ensure that the success of the oil and gas industry brings real, lasting benefits to the people and economies of the countries in which we operate.

The Minister of Energy, Dr Joe Oteng-Adjei who performed the launch appealed to beneficiaries of the scheme to return home after their studies in the UK.

He emphasized that; “We will do everything possible to ensure that those who benefit from the scholarship scheme return home to help build the country”.

The Group Chief Executive Officer of Tullow Oil Plc, Aidan Heavey in a short message said: “the Scholarship scheme is something that we believe in”.

The Director of the British Council, Moses Anibaba stated that: “British Council’s role in the scheme is clear. We will manage the recruitment and selection of the candidates according to the criteria we have agreed with Tullow.”

The criteria have been designed to achieve the objective of the scheme of reducing skill gaps and ensuring that most deserving candidates are successful, he indicated.

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