This great tribe has also produced great men and women who have made great impact in this globe.

If the study of the past (history of Nzema`s) looks to some like a long litany of dweeb, then think over it again.Studying our history can go some way toward correcting that misimpression.
This great tribe has also produced great men and women who have made great impact in this globe.
It is in vain to say we have produced great men under this system. We have produced great men under all systems
–Nzema`s ―and all minorities! ―own history as much as anyone
We must understand that when we muzzle any minority, we impoverish and weaken ourselves.
Nzema`s have good history, to go into details will fill a Library.
• Ebiamor,
As nzema’s we carry a unique heritage. For we produce not only the greatest pearls century after century but also, the visions and civic mindedness of some of our tribe men led to the entire liberation of the continent of Africa.
• In 1734 academic year, the chancery of the world’s famous University of Wittenberg in Germany proclaimed to the world that it had produced “the first black graduate – but with 2 PhD’s in philosophy and religion, he accomplished this in 6 years. That man was Dr. Amu (1703 – 1759) – an Nzema from Ghana”. Dr. Amu also studied Law and Medicine during his graduate studies. That means, we (Nzemas) produced not only the first black philosopher but also, the first Lawyer and the first Medical Doctor on the face of the entire black world (


• In 1857, a young chief warned all of the coastal chiefs about the gravity of settler activity regarding slavery. He independently galvanized the local chiefs to end slavery. He was captured by the British and killed. That man was Kaku-Aka – an Nzema from Ghana (


• In 1957, the British declared with unconditional terms, the declaration of our independence. This was borne of the sweat and iron of yet another man who led us through that. That man was Dr. Kwame Nkrumah – an Nzema. (


• In 2006, the “N’DIGO MAGAZINE” listed the 50 most influential people in the city of Chicago. The list included Chicago giants suhc as Barrack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan etc. the only African who made that list was PROFESSOR SAMUEL AKAINYAH an Nzema. Professor Akainyah is a renowned artist in the United States of America and has won numerous awards and given numerous speeches at many American Universities.


•Anton Wilhelm Amo
African philosopher and educator, who was raised in Germany and taught in several universities there before returning to his native country, Ghana. Amo was the most important African philosopher in Europe in the 18th century. By his own example, Amo broke racial prejudices and promoted the values …

This positive track records will enriches us to listen more and more of them!!

courtesy :
Mr. Kofi Anaman

Sultan Nuhu Mohammed


22 thoughts on “PROUD HISTORY OF NZEMA`S (prt1)

  1. nzemas we are proud , honest, intelligent and above all humble people .
    vote and pray for me to win this incoming ghana,s most beautiful. thank you all. Rosemond quayson.

  2. I am a proud son of NZEMA MANLE… Can we please look into the use of the teem ” TRIBE” I believe it has some negative connotations maybe we can substitute it with ethnicity/kingdom…just a humble opinion. How do i join this association I am from Takyinda(TAKINTA) who lives in WI… please let me know

  3. i hv been always proud to be nzema n i will always be…we need more sonnekinders to change nzemaland to a more better place…God bless us all.

  4. Good work done. We Nzemas are very great people in Ghana and even the world, soon the whole world will surely hear us loud.

  5. all ma life in all areas of schoolling,i have not seen any group as briliant as us.
    but I think loving ourselves and not looking down about ourslves we change our generation completely.

  6. We lead they all aspect nzemas take lead before others.Am poud being an nzema

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