Nzema Youth Association Salutes Ghana @ 55


Nzema Youth Association Salutes Ghana @ 55

The NYA wishes Ghana a happy 55 years independence from colonial rule.

As we witness this special day, some successes have been achieved but it falls below par aside the numerous natural resources endowed in our land, hence, another day and year has given us the opportunity to have sober reflection on our activities and review some of the developmental agenda for better Ghana and future generations.

To our leaders, the long awaited self-sacrifice is now due and not later, for the Ghanaian masses to benefit from the endowed natural resources. We cannot rule out youth policies which are crucial for the future of Ghana.

To us, the youth of NYA and Ghana, the future belongs to us and therefore, the need to position ourselves to correct some of these developmental anomalies. We should therefore, be prepared to sacrifice to make Ghana the better place we have been yearning for.

In all this, we should not give up but keep hoping for better Ghana.

To Ghana, Happy 55th Independence Day!

God bless NYA!

God bless Ghana!!

Mr. Kingsley Blay Ackah



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