We greet each and every humble member of this great movement with the peace and blessings of our maker, the creator of all that exist, both the known and the unseen. I must admit that things are not as easy and silent as it looks, all the same i will plead with all members to exercise great patience and high level of respect amongst ourselves, we must know that we are of the same family and nobody deserves to be disrespected especially in this forum for whatever reason.

We advice that each and every new member should go through the page , read and accept the rules and regulations of this community before participating in any discussions. May we also beg to be given the opportunity to sound a little friendly warning in the form of an advice to that particular group of persons who have managed to infiltrate into the NYA and have decided to launch personal attacks on the good members of this great association and its executives to cease fire with immediate effect and with due respect to them find their way out of this highly respected group of persons who make up the Nzema youth association.

We are also pleading with each and every member to exercise patience with the ongoing misunderstandings which has brought us all with such tougher days. We all pray for the best of results as our top leaders/elders in the motherland goes on with talks aiming to find lasting solutions, we wish not to contradict the decisions of our elders hence any early pronouncements before a final outcome is being avoided by the heads of this movement.

We pray for stronger unity in the motherland through these challenging days of talks. Peace be with us all. NZEMA YOUTH ASSOCIATION


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