Define The Proper Location of The Oil Find-Ghana Oil and The Deprived People of the Nzemaland

Accra, GNA – The three Members of Parliament from Nzema area on Tuesday asked for a proper geographical definition of the location of the oil find announced recently to avoid future misunderstanding and conflict.

They suggested that the anomaly should be immediately rectified and the name of the location of the find equally publicized to give Nzema its proper recognition regarding the oil find.

A statement signed by the MPs, Mr Freddie Blay (CPP-Ellembele), Mr Kojo Armah (CPP-Evalue Gwira) and Mr Lee Ocran (NDC-Jomoro) said it was recently reported that Ghana had discovered oil at two places.

The first oil find by Consmos Energy was said to be at Cape Three Points while the second discovery by Tullow Oil plc was in the Deep Water Tano Basin.

The MPs said the announcement failed to mention that the two oil finds or discoveries were in the Tano Basin located in the territorial waters of the Nzema area.

They said the Tano Basin was divided into three geological blocks – Shallow Water Tano, Deep Water Tano and West Cape Three Points – all located in the Nzema area.

The MPs further explained that the Tano Basin was 65 kilometres off Half-Assini, about 80 kilometres off Axim and over 100 kilometres South-Westward away from Cape Three Points, all into the sea.

“…there is no doubt that the oil find is closer to Half-Assini, Beyin, Esiama and Axim and farther away from Cape Three Points.

“While we recognize that Cape Three Points is also in the Western Region, we believe it would be better appreciated if the location of the oil find could be properly defined within the geographical context to avoid future misunderstanding and conflict.”



25 June 2008 Half-Assini

THE National Association of Nzema Students (NANS) has waded into the raging argument, over the exact location of oil, which has been discovered in the Western Region.

At a forum, organized last week, on the theme: ‘The specific location of the oil find in the Western Region and the way Forward,’ the students argued, with of documents, that the oil find was not located on the soil of Cape Three Points, as was being alleged.




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