Nzema Youth Association Wishes Ghanaian Farmers A HAPPY FARMERS DAY !

On the Occasion of the 27th National Farmers Day Celebrations, the Executives and the General Membership of the Nzema Youth Association join hands with all Ghanaians to congratulate our wonderful farmers and fishermen/women during the celebration of this important day.

We wish to express our sincere gratitude and warmest concerns for the critical roles being played by our hard working farmers and fishermen/women to ensure food security in our motherland.

We are aware that agriculture is the backbone of the Ghanaian economy. The sector contributes 35% of GDP and provides employment for over 60% of our population.

The Nzema Youth Association under the able leadership of Awulea, President Kingsley Blay Ackah fully appreciates the special role of farmers and fishermen, especially women as the main producers, processors and marketing of fish and food even though they have limited access to resources such as land , water, credit, inputs and training.

It is in this regard that the Nzema Youth Association has committed itself to appealing to Goverment to help uplift and modernize agriculture to enhance food security and reduce income variability for farmers and fishermen/women in the country under better working conditions and modernized agricultural practices.

The Nzema Youth Association calls upon the government to be more committed to pursuing large scale introduction of appropriate agricultural modernisation implements such as tractors, power tillers, cultivators and intermediate means of transport in order to reduce dependence on the use of old and rudimentary tools such as hoe and cutlass as the main implement of agricultural production in the country.
The Nzema Youth Association calls upon our governement to be more serious to assisting farmers and fishermen/women by providing the necessary infrastructure to support agricultural modernisation process through the provision of improved access roads, dams, boreholes and harvesting techniques to enable Ghanaian farmers reach their full potentials especially the most vulnerable farmers in the Western Region of Ghana who have been neglected for long .

The Nzema Youth Association wish to express gratitude and pledges to support the government’s programmes in seeking to enhance the social and economic well being of all our hard working farmers and fishermen in our region and the nation as a whole.

We wish you all a very Happy Farmers Day !
YƐ ma bƐ Ayekoooooo !!!!!

Sultan Nuhu Mohammed Public Relations Officer Nzema Youth Association – 2nd December 2011 National Farmers Day Celebration


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