The Summary of the Nzema Youth Meeting!!!

The meeting started on Sunday 27th November,2011 @ 18:36 (GMT) .
Chairman: Mr. Kingsley Blay Ackah-President
Ms. Veronica Ackah-Treasurer
Mr. Sultan Nuhu Mohammed-PRO

Represented Members:
Mr. Kingsley Blay Ackah-President
Mr.Egya Anyimah Efoli Kanrah-Vice President
Mr. Sultan Nuhu Mohammed-PRO
Ms. Veronica Ackah-Treasurer
Mr. Iddi Wuni-Event Organiser
Mr. Joseph Yankey Adeabah (Now King Aluterus)-Electoral Commissioner
Mr.Emmal Ackah Right Rooney-Founder
Mr Kojo Ellimah- Executive member
Mr.Johnson Ayi-Wor -Executive member
Mr.Pious Ackah
Mr.Herbert K. Eshun
Mr. Jerry Nyanyi
Mr.Ben Eshun
Mr.Jorge Demoh
Mr.Frederick Azane Kodwo
Ms Evangelist Helena Melseaux
Mr George Coffie
Mr Shaibu Mohammed
Ms Mame Ekoa Hammond
Mr.Speezy Speezy
Ms.Dehele Muhyia Aka-Bile

Opening Prayer: Mr. Emmal Ackah Right Rooney-Founder

Topics Discussed:

(1) Certificate of Registration
Recent update on the certificate of registration according to Mr.Egya Anyimah Efoli Kanrah-Vice President, who is in charge of the registration, said we should expect it from the Registrar general department, Accra by the end of November, 2011.

Question: Ms. Dehele Muhyia Aka-Bile asked whether the registration was for members or the group.
Answer: The reply was that the registration is for the NYA as a group to have it’s legal backing of survival.
Question: Mr.Ben Eshun, asked whether there was an effort to merge with the Pride of Nzema

Sultan Nuhu Mohammed that ‘Thanks for the concerns raised we wish to make it
clear that our constitution permits such actions especially when both members share the same interest. in a nutshell yes at the appropriate time we will call on them since we share the same mission’

Mr. Johnson Ayi-Wor added that ‘No room for distruction but our doors are and will be open to all and sundry 24/7’

Question: Mr. Herbert K. Eshun asked whether the registration was in terms of national or what.
Answer: Sultan Nuhu Mohammed responsed, ‘Yes In Ghana, for the state to recognize us as an association , we must register it with the registrar General and that is what we are almost done with. Thank you’

(2) Patrons: Active and Dormant
We have decided to have two types of Patrons; Active and Dormant. The Active Patron will be involved in our day to day activities and the Dormant Patron will in this case due to their position may not have time to participate actively. Some names have been suggested and consideration is underway to settle on which of them to approach for the patron positions.

Questions: George Coffie: then can we know those names involved
Answers:Sultan Nuhu Mohammed : We need very competent and trust worthy members to volunteer. Therefore members have already suggested names which was posted in an earlier post. we will re post that again for you all. members are also welcomed to volunteer.

Kingsley Blay Ackah we will soon post their names on the NYA wall
Herbert K. Eshun is beta mr prez, to post it fast 4 members 2 comment

(3) Nzema Youth Association Website.
The need for NYA to have it’s own website in addition to facebook is also necessary and will be discussed in our general meeting

Kojo Ellimah :A website gives us
o more credibility and shows we’re serious,
o We can upload most of our pictures, documents, minutes of mtgs,
o It also helps in fundraising,members profile

Sultan Nuhu Mohammed Thank you Mr. President. In efforts to achieving that, the Executives created a blog page for the mean time to enable members to know of important issue and their views. the official blog page needs much contribution form members to keep it much more active, as Mr. Kojo Ellimah has mentioned, it can contain more documents and other minutes of our meetings.


(4) Bank account
We have also made enquiries on opening a Bank Account for the group to keep all our monies and we will soon make it available on the wall.
Kojo Ellimah Very important. But we must get the certificate of registration first, plus a resolution from the Executive Council before we can open the account

(5) Dues
We want to know much to pay for the dues either monthly or annually.It was suggested that 10 cedis annually should be paid by members as dues.

(6) ‘Nzema Youth Association Trust’
Fundraising of (1)one cedi) Projectwhere members pay one-off one ghana cedi.
A project for the above has been suggested to create ‘Nzema Youth Association Trust’, which will be purposely used for most projects for the NYA such as vacation classes,seminars for NYA members
It was suggested that we should be clear about the NYA trust will be used for and that a committed trustees outside the Excutive council to manage and raise funds the NYA trust.

(7) Physical Structure
An office for the group is still in the discussion process to have a permanent office for the NYA.It was suggested that we should seek finance first before we consider the office and it’s location.

(8) On Other Matters
A number of issues were raised and they are:
• I think we should prioritise our needs and concerns so we can tackle them in a more appropriate and efficient manner.
• I remember Mr. Idi Wuni raising a suggestion that we should organise a Development Dialogue. I dont know if this is the right platform to discuss this?
• i second Mr Ellimah we should becareful in other not to push members away from the association all in the name of money my own suggestion. we should vote on anything we discuss here when it has to do with money voting will permit all member to participate and we can finalize on that this is my humble opinion please lets take it into consideration
• may i ask if de executive was voted into power or was appointed
• Mr Prez what r we doing as group abt the low educ. standards in our land

Vote of thanks
Mr. Sultan Nuhu Mohammed, thanked all members for coming and moved the meeting to an end,which was seconded by Kojo Ellimah and Egya Anyimah Efoli Kanrah.
Closing prayer: Mr.Kojo Ellimah
The President, on behalf of the Executive council thanked all for coming and assured them that the Nzema Youth Association is possible!
On behalf of the Executive Council, we thank all for continuous support for the NYA and watch out for our next general meeting on the NYA wall.

God bless Nzema Youth! God bless Nzemaland!! God bless Ghana!!!

Nzema Youth It’s Possible!!!!

Mr. Kingsley Blay Ackah
Nzema Youth Association


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