IRD’s In-Kind Gift of Medical Items to Alhaji Nuhu Memorial Clinic-Kamgbunli


In March, IRD organized a container shipment of medical supplies and medical equipment to the Alhaji Nuhu Memorial Healthcare Center in Kamgbunli, Ghana. The commodities, valued at more than $300,000, will improve health delivery and save lives. This shipment was initiated by Ali Nuhu Abeka, who is senior director of finance for the AVIPA+ project in Afghanistan. We the Executive body of Nzema Youth Association greatly appreciates the joint effort of the International Relief & Development (IRD) and Mr. Ali Nuhu Abeka for their immense contribution to uplifting the health and welfare of the deprived people of the Nzemaland and other surrounding towns. We are happy to applaud the achievement of the vision and mission of Alhaji Nuhu Memorial ( as quoted on their website “Our mission is to improve the life of residents in the community. We seek to establish a healthcare centre that serves as a catalyst to educate and meet the basic healthcare needs of the under-privileged residents of Kamgbunli by providing a continuum of healthcare services that enable the residents to improve their health status.”  We are Happy to share a glimpse of the offloading of equipments and medical supplies to the Alhaji Nuhu Memorial Health Care Clinic Kamgbunli

Shipment arrives in Kamgbunli, Ghana.

The Chief and his delegates, and people of the community warmly accepts the donation to the center.

The local community formed an assembly line to deliver the supplies to the hospital.

It is our Prayrs that The IRD will continue to Give More Of Such Wonderful Humanitarian Services to Ghana and especially our Motherland.Than You


5 thoughts on “IRD’s In-Kind Gift of Medical Items to Alhaji Nuhu Memorial Clinic-Kamgbunli

  1. This is the kind of things we need for the betterment of the nzemas. May God richly bless all those behind this project. I am very happy to see such programmes being launched for the needy people of our home towns. Thank you all

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