The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in the Ellembele District score to 76% this year as against 68% last year. What Can Enable Us hit into the 90% and plus ??


2 thoughts on “The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in the Ellembele District score to 76% this year as against 68% last year. What Can Enable Us hit into the 90% and plus ??

  1. “More Efforts from students & teachers;Need For More Trained Teachers in The Region;Regular Examinations To Fully Prepare Students;Need for More Attention by The District education Office”;these have ,for some time now been the areas of emphasis in our quest for quality education,undoubtedly. Shd I ask:why do preparatory schools perform better than our public schools? The answers to this would, to a long extent,if adopted,contribute to attaining the 96% pass mark we are praying for. More often than not we over stress the role of the teacher,as if the teacher is a magician,whose magic would bring excellent results,no matter what!Yes,the teacher is the fulcrum around whom quality education revolve!But this universal truth does nt in anyway suggest other agents have an insignificant role.Let’s consider the ff: What role can the parent play? What role can the student play?What role can the community and the political elite play in ensuring educational excellence? What are our attitudes towards our kids’ education in the preparatory schools,as against the public ones? Let’s consider the ff: 1.Parents are quick to buy needed books/school needs for their wards in preparatory schools!Is it the same in the public ones? 2. Parents will strive to provide extra classes teachers for their wards in private schools!Is the same for the public ones? 3. Parents in many instances allow their preparatory school wards ample time for home study.Is it the same as their counterparts in the public schools? 4. Parents ensure their preparatory school wards never miss classes!What about the others? 5. How many school kids do we see at the video centres during school hours or after 7.30pm,doing brisk business? 6. How many of our parents,who can, help in home studies? 7. What is our attitude towards the teacher?Do we condemn/criticise them in the presence of our wards?This is surely a great way that enables schoolers to disrespect the teacher, and even what he teaches!This is not to say that teachers must NOT be criticised;certainly not in the presence of the sch child! ——- TO BE CONT.

  2. School children spend most of the day at home!What goes on at home,during the time they leave the school premises and when they enter it (how their time is used/what they do/dont do at home) go a long way to impact positively or negatively on their educational achievements!The role of the Parent(All Significant adults) and the community,must NOT be underestimated! How do school children spend their out-of-school-time?

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