What will our generations’ legacy be? Is it unimaginable to think that we could put an end to extreme poverty? At first thought, you may think so. However, with generations before us abolishing slavery, inspiring civil rights movements and giving women the vote, the realization may not be as impossible as you think.

PCUBE Foundation believe that ending extreme poverty should be our generations’ legacy and has formed a tribe of young people who are passionate about making it happen. Why young people? It’s simple. Think of some of the most influential people of today; Mark Zuckerburg founder of Facebook, Larry Page and Sergey Brin co-founders of Google, Kwabena Agyapong owner of Kencity Media House, Justin Bieber and Asamoah Djan. They are all connected through their youthful and idealistic mindset and belief that nothing is impossible.

So if being young can help drive fame and fortune, can being young help uplift the poor? Economist, a Senior Chartered Accountant, a Lawyer and a great philanthropist Ali Nuhu Abeka thinks so. He believes that, for the first time in history, we have the resources to bring people living in extreme poverty down from 4.4 Million to zero. With a concerted national effort, led by people with a bold, innovative and youthful mindset, this can happen in just one generation. Inspired by an advocate Nuhu Mohammed a Ghanaian Youth and a key member of the Nzema Youth  Nzema Youth Association living in the midst of rich natural resources yet surrounded by poverty, the founder and team at Nzema Youth Association with team PCUBE Project have the mindset to take on the challenge. By engaging young Nzemas in the issues of extreme poverty and the possibilities that exist to help; the PCUBE Project will focus on specific Development Goals with the aim to bring peace, prosperity and progress to the Western region especially the Nzema dominated areas in extreme poverty.



  1. Am proud of my people keep the education going that’s the key to success. Ket the knowledge first after that sky is the limit. Emmanuel from Canada well done Nzema youth

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