Mission Statement: The mission of Nzema Youth Association (NYA) is to create healthier, stronger, and more positive communities by empowering youth to become positive leaders and advocates for change in their own communities.
A non-partisan socio-political Association of The citizens of the Nzemaland who has shown concern for the plight of youths and the electorates of our great motherland, determined to work together, conscious of our various background and ethnic origins, prepared to offer selfless service, and provide a new direction for peaceful co-existence and above all to eradicate poverty through the use of our basic resources in our part of the country.

To be the fore most youth organization with objective zeal and plausible initiative aimed at educating, enlightening, sensitizing and creating a democratic awareness to our teaming youths and the electorates; promoting participation and support for governance by expressing opinion, views and ideas on socio-economic policies and activities; propagating justice, equity, rule of law; supporting youth empowerment and engagement; and promoting precautionary alternatives on pandemics.

We will succeed in our mission by providing the youth access to enlightened education, and encouraging community participation and community building to help break the cycle of extreme poverty and create a more positive environment for us all and our future generations.



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